Satisfaction from Start to Finish

We create emotive experiences. On an interdisciplinary basis, across various touchpoints – or in a focused way, too, through unique design, exciting live formats or on digital platforms. 

We see ourselves as a modular agency and work in teams that are tailored perfectly to our client projects. 

From grand appearances with over 15,000 guests to small, curated brand spaces. As a lead agency or also as a specialist partner for individual services. From consultation to production. 

Live and in Colour

Live communication generates very special moments that are emotional, authentic, and direct. We bring people together and get them talking among themselves. From exciting conventions to product experiences. On stages, at digital events, and on the street.

  • Physische, Digitale & Hybride Events
  • Markenveranstaltungen
  • Kongresse & Seminare
  • Incentives
  • Roadshows 
  • Messen
  • Sponsoring-Aktivierung

  • Konzeption & Umsetzung
  • Projektmanagement
  • Teilnehmer:innenmanagement
  • Kommunikation
  • Dienstleisterhandling
  • Qualitätskontrolle

  • Once-in-a-lifetime Events
  • Community Management
  • Fahraktive Events
  • Digitale Plattformen

  • Consulting / Beratung
  • Strategieentwicklung
  • Kampagnen
  • Storytelling & Content Kreation
  • Inszenierung
  • Grafik- und Designsteuerung (Event-Branding)

Gala event with blue spotlights
BMW AG Trade Fair - #ChangeYourPerception, empty event space

The Adventure of Design

We design brand spaces, transform messages into visual identities, and conquer the public realm with mobile buildings. We develop substantially and visually holistic strategies – and realise them: from digital to spatial, from 2D to 3D, from the drawing pad to the metre stick.

Emotive Digital Adventures

We design both digital and hybrid user journeys and develop interactive apps and platforms that get people engaged. These are always integrated into our clients' existing digital ecosystems.

KUKA Trade Fair - woman looking through VR specs
Customer Service BMW Counter

That Extra Mile of Client Service

Service provision is no mere catchword for us. We also take on long-term engagements on behalf of our clients – and we also do this far beyond pure communication. We provide staffing, logistical, and technical support – sincerely and efficiently.

Microsoft Teams Conference in Munich, Close Up

One Team

Integrated communication means more to us than just uniting various disciplines. It begins with cross-channel strategies and holistic central themes and requires experts who work together around one table.

Our Services in Action