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This is forwardism

The dawn of a new era

Uniting creative, culinary and fine arts, METZLER VATER creates an impressive showcase around the new BMW i7 – with the concept of the future at its heart. Innovative, aesthetic and bold, the idea behind this temporary showroom co-created with AD and Vogue takes the experiential product launch to the next level.

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A temporary showroom showcasing stationary vehicles

"This is forwardism" pop-up gallery in Dusseldorf

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Transforming luxury – Taking a new approach to product launches

In 2022, we entered a new era with the i7, the first all-electric luxury saloon car. Across eight evenings until the end of October 2022, discerning customers and interested guests from the luxury sector were exclusively invited to a temporary showroom to experience the official market launch. The most important objectives were to strengthen BMW's position as a luxury brand, to guarantee exclusivity and to clearly demonstrate the company's transformation, focusing on their real values of sustainability and innovation, as well as to tell stories of uniqueness, passion, purpose and leadership. All of this expressed through a wonderful gastronomic experience set within a unique space with an architectural and artistic atmosphere, thanks to a changing programme of creative artworks.


The new fully electric BMW i7, and a new way of thinking

Reimagining product launches – with the car no longer at the centre, but the mindset as vehicle. BMW stands for an ever-changing vision of luxury – with new values, emotional experiences and a consistently forward-looking mindset. The result of this was the concept of a social space where guests could experience a new form of luxury by reinventing the connections between people, music, design, food and art, and encouraging them to take part in the action. A place where forward-looking people could connect, shape the future and advance together with a shared mindset: This is forwardism!

“Forwardism stands for the joy you feel when you see and experience the future before it happens. It’s only through questioning conventions that we can create a better future.”

Staging the new BMW i7 and THE 8 X JEFF KOONS Art Car: Nick Knight's artistic vision

British fashion photographer and artist Nick Knight produced a futuristic series of images and films especially for the BMW i7 exhibition. Another highlight was the premiere of the BMW 8 Art Car, lavishly designed in 2022 by the progressive and always controversial US artist Jeff Koons.


Reaching for the stars with Jan Hartwig

BMW brand ambassador and three-Michelin-star chef Jan Hartwig created a tasting menu for guests – a visual and sensory feast that proved an experience all by itself. In conversation with actress and presenter Annabelle Mandeng, Hartwig also shared with guests his take on luxury.

Creating unique evenings and stories through partnerships with AD and VOGUE

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with two leading magazines for content, each of the eight evenings had a completely unique concept. Content creators and thought leaders from the worlds of fashion, design, architecture and music were able to show their works and retell their visions of a different future. Among others, Lena Lademann, Nidus, Kid be Kid and Jeanne de Kroon shared fascinating insights and stories, which could be followed on the digital channels of BMW, AD and VOGUE.