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The inner circle

Communities for exclusive brand experiences

Bringing together a fascination for sports cars and modern luxury, Porsche has founded various international communities. METZLER VATER has been creating community experiences since 2018 and since the beginning of 2023 has been Porsche's global lead for community strategy. Everything from concept, digital platforms and content creation to organising tours and accompanying participants on exclusive trips. Always with a focus on the shared passion for Porsche and Porsche brand experiences.

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Online and offline community


Strategy, concept, initial Content Management and Production, Community Management, Travel and Event Management, Digital Community Platform


„It’s always been Porsche“ – Emotion and community

With its global communities, Porsche aims to create for its customers unique events, tours and exclusive brand insights in a way that, thanks to its rich heritage, only Porsche can. The objective – to show Porsche's customers appreciation and to strengthen the brand's emotional bond with them.

True community spirit

#SharedExperience is the new luxury – Through its communities, Porsche creates unforgettable experiences for its customers that strengthen emotional bonds and social connections. From invitations to exclusive events, managing communities with its own podcasts, stories and videos, to organising tours and providing on-trip support, we're responsible for the strategic direction, innovative ideas and end-to-end support along the entire customer journey. Take a look at the following overview for insights into a selection of communities and formats:


For motorsport aficionados

For golf enthusiasts

Porsche's GT community for motorsport and track experiences was born out of the brand's desire to actively involve its customers. We developed a well-defined strategy to engage with customers before, during and after the events. Our expertise resulted in ideas for the GT Circle app, on-site activations and community events. One particular highlight feature is the contact form for motorsport specific questions with responses from experts. Track days and racing experiences in collaboration with Manthey Racing have strengthened community on the central GT Circle app.

In September 2017, Porsche launched the Porsche Golf Circle – an international community for those passionate about Porsche and golf. With special events centred around both golf and Porsche, the Porsche Golf Circle provides a unique community experience. At METZLER VATER, we lead the strategic development, organisation and implementation of events.


For prestigious customers

How about a visit to Weissach, the birthplace of Porsche, an exhilarating trip through the Alps or a guided tour of the otherwise off-limits Nardò Technical Center? There are many other exclusive tours available to our elite customers. Again and again, they'll have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes and gain deep insights into Porsche – experiences that are both priceless and unforgettable. From concept to on-site organisation and event management, we're always on hand no matter where in the world these exclusive tours take place.

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