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The Dakar Rally goes electric

Show of logistics in the Saudi Arabian desert

For Audi's appearance at the Dakar Rally, METZLER VATER set itself the challenge of leading logistics for the Audi Experiential Marketing Team the whole length of the 8,000 km race.

Audi AG

Motorsport marketing

Dakar Rally 2023

Logistics lead, managing accreditations, coordinating vehicle, travel, accommodation and workspaces, managing hospitality and office unit providers, taking care of VIP guests

Logistics spectacle in the big nothing

Taking electric motorsport to the next level

At the start of 2023, Audi entered the Dakar Rally for the second time with three electric vehicles in order to further develop electric motorsport under the most extreme conditions – and of course, to win the race. With its global significance and reach, the Dakar Rally is the perfect arena for Audi's commitment to the sport. Our challenge was to implement marketing strategies and to coordinate marketing logistics in a complex and challenging environment.

Electric mobility with Audi at the Dakar Rally
Logistics in the desert

Providing logistics support where there is nothing

Due to the remoteness and extreme dryness of the Arabian desert, our technical support had to be high performing in both preparation and delivery – in everything from managing accreditations for people and vehicles, coordinating travel, vehicles, accommodation and workspaces, and managing hospitality and office unit providers to taking care of VIP guests.

Teamwork in the extreme

Working under the most difficult conditions, teamwork proved absolutely essential to our success. Working closely with the Audi team, we were able to support content production at the Dakar Rally through all its highs and lows. And while electric vehicles celebrated outstanding results in the day stages, they also had to do battle with great damage to both their chassis and tyres. This meant the much wanted place on the podium in the overall ratings wasn't possible this year, but still, the mission continues! Until next year!

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