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  • Warm-up for Windows 10 – starring: Kaiser Knop

    Only with the best coaches will you be successful. That's why the dealers in the Windows 10 training camp, together with impersonator Matze Knop masked as Joachim Löw and Franz Beckenbauer, warmed up for the launch of the new operating system.

Warm-up for Windows 10 – starring: Kaiser Knop

The handling of new operating systems requires learning. Microsoft was therefore on the lookout for a clever training measure to prepare the Media-Saturn-Holding sales staff for the release of Windows 10.

The idea


Conveying knowledge through enthusiasm. So, off to the soccer training camp. METZLER VATER developed the entire campaign from the central idea to the creation of the key visual and all advertising media to the roadshow. METZLER VATER also produced around 20 videos including copywriting and storyboard, which were published on Microsoft's own e-learning platform. Here, comedian Matze Knop slipped into the role of “Bundes-Jogi” and “Kult-Kaiser” to support the participants in online product training for Windows 10.

In the long term, the acquired knowledge was then consolidated in a nationwide roadshow hosted in eight locations, during which the Media-Saturn employees, along with the German head coach and the Bavarian soccer legend, brought themselves live on site as figureheads for the new operating system. Over 100 further in-store training sessions ensured that the team was optimally equipped for the launch of Windows 10.


The result

The combination of training and modern storytelling made it possible to transfer knowledge in a playful and sustainable way. With success: 1203 participants in 290 markets were optimally trained for Windows 10 through the campaign.

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