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    Build for it - Caterpillar

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    Build for it - Caterpillar

Build for it - Caterpillar

Caterpillar is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of construction equipment. In 2017, the company started its most important product launch in 25 years, titled NEXT GEN HEX. This new product generation represents a fundamental shift in Caterpillar’s very important excavation division. A spectacular event series in September was planned to generate the greatest possible buzz for the world premiere of this new generation.

The initial contact took place at Geneva Airport during the International Motor Show, where tisch13 designed and organised the SKODA press conference. The chemistry was right at the first meeting, and tisch13 received a wild card to participate in the pitch. Just two weeks later, the agency impressed Caterpillar with a very bold conceptual approach. The client also demonstrated its confidence and trust in choosing a newcomer as its partner.

As lead agency and general contractor, tisch13 was responsible for the concept creation, detailed planning and implementation of a complex multimedia show at the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center in Málaga. This also included the creative development of product launch media for the second day of the event, which consisted of workshops, exhibitions and installations.

The Challenger Days in Málaga also marked the start of the work on the NEXT GEN HEX rollout in 2017 und 2018.

Night Of The Challenger

Caterpillar Reveal Show – Málaga 2017

For four weeks, the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center in Málaga became the epicentre of one of the most important product launches in the international machine manufacturer’s history.
The creative idea behind “Night of the Challenger” reinterprets the Caterpillar Training Center in Málaga, showing the innovative generation of products in its “natural” environment. It completely transforms the “outdoor sandbox” used for training and product demonstration purposes into a stunningly new space with a spectacular multimedia experience.

„That was a fantastic show! I don’t think I have seen anything like that in my 28 years of Caterpillar.“

Zach Kauk – Vice President Excavation Division

The ultimate multimedia show.

The reveal show on the night before the product launch was the ultimate multimedia experience: The open air performance used projection mapping to create an extraordinary media display spanning over 4,500 m2, measuring 100 wide and 45m deep. 14 high-performance projectors with a total output of over 280,000 ANSI lumens combined to create an amazing high-resolution 5k media production, an impressive spectacle that filled the massive outdoor space.
At the heart of the action was a 12m large cube, which served as an additional projection surface and concealed the new product generation. A double drop curtain, characteristic of kabuki, incorporated the product reveal into the overall story of the presentation in two striking highlights.

Storytelling in three acts.

The 16-minute evening show takes the audience through three chapters in the world of Caterpillar, spanning the company’s beginnings in the early 20th century to the latest challenges in this era of digital transformation.
Suspense built from act to act during the entire show, supported by key moments dedicated to the Caterpillar brand and its history. The focus of the story was on technical innovation – from the first products in the company’s early history to the reveal of the new, revolutionary product generation.

Product family bows to its new member

The motion and sound design, along with all graphic media, were created and composed especially for this occasion in just four months. This gave the world premiere an entirely new, innovative character beyond the familiar Caterpillar corporate design.
A total of 1,500 people witnessed the multimedia spectacle over six nights.

Challenger Days

NEXT GEN HEX product launch – Málaga 2017

The second event day of Challenger Days focuses on providing a personal, in-depth product introduction and communicating information. In addition to presentations and workshops, Cat product and technology experts explain and demonstrate the most important USPs of the new product range using exhibitions and presentation stations designed specifically for this event.

Exhibition: „Positioning“

The new generation of excavators consists of three different models, allowing each target audience to choose the one that best meets their specific requirements. A table with rotating leaves presents the three new excavator models – 320, 320 GC and the performance machine 323 – with their product features, giving visitors the opportunity to compare the options interactively.

Exhibition: „Peace of mind“

A programmable safety distance means that the excavator and shovel can only move in a predefined radius – avoiding collisions with obstacles on the construction site. The exhibition playfully illustrates the kinds of obstacles that may be difficult to imagine in a model similar to a mobile. People can see these elements at a glance as they appear to float around a model excavator.

Exhibition: „Maintenance“

One impressive aspect of the new generation of excavators is the low costs and effort involved in maintenance. The idea was to present this in an easy-to-understand way by creating a walk-in diagram. The working hours and changing intervals of the old and new generations of excavators were compared on two pedestals. Visitors can walk through the diagram personally and experience the differences first hand.

Exhibition: „Payload“

How much sand is in one kilo? People are asked to estimate the weight of the sand, stones and gravel provided in this exhibition using a hidden scale, which helps them experience one of the technical benefits of this new generation of excavators in a playful way. Until now, excavator operators were required to work with similar estimates, guessing the weight of each shovel load based on their experience. The new generation of excavators allows for more efficient work. An assistance system measures the weight of each shovel load along with the already loaded materials to avoid loading too much or too little.


The main idea behind the graphic design of the event series is to create a system that follows the Caterpillar corporate design guidelines while living up to the emotional requirements of a world premiere presentation. A versatile system of lines serves as an overarching theme for the design of the outdoor space at the location, effectively visualising the idea of digital transformation. It allows for flexibility in scaling the tone of the communication – from the heightened emotions of a show to a more objective informational structure.

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